Leap year 2020 : Why we celebrate leap year?

Leap Year 2020

2020 is a leap year which consist 366 days. In a  Leap year a new day is added at the end of the February which is why we celebrate Leap Year on 29th February.

Why we celebrate Leap Year?

It takes the earth, 365 and 1/4 day to revolve completely around the Sun and return to its starting point in space. Well, our calendar year as you all may know is only 365 days long. Leaving us 1/4 day or 6 hours short of its starting point. Every year the earth falls another six hours behind. Therefore, after two years were 12 hours behind, after three years were 18 hours behind and then finally, after four long years we are a full 1 day or 24 hours behind schedule. During the fourth yearwe simply include a day to our calendar on February 29th, thus giving us 366 total days in just the right amount of time to catch the starting point, because the Earth’s position in space determines what season we‘re in. If we didn’t have the leap day well then eventually the summer months would be in the winter months and the winter months would be in summer months.

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