What is Brand Name ? What are the types of Brand Name?

What is a Brand Name?

In its least complex structure, a brand name is a type of mark that offers credit to the maker of a specific work or administration and separates it from those made by others. Two of the primary reasons for brand names are:

    • Distinguishing proof: To separate a specific item or administration from other like or comparative brands.
    • Confirmation: To verify that an item or administration is the certified or wanted article (rather than a conventional or knock-off).

What are the types of a Brand Names ?

  • Elucidating names

Elucidating brand names are those that promptly pass on the administration or item offered by an organization. Along these lines, they will in general be unremarkable. While practical and utilitarian, distinct names generally rule out informativeness with respect to the brand or translation with respect to its crowd.

  • Suggestive names¬†

Suggestive brand names demonstrate what an item or administration conveys. They can work as an allegory, relationship, or an affiliation. Twitter, for example, is a correspondence stage that resembles a herd of winged animals tweeting at one another.

  • Geographical names

Brand Names based on the location of the company’s Origin place or area in which the company is situated is known as Geographical Brand names. This type of brand names are also based Culture and the history of the place where the brand is operated.

This brands finds difficulty in growing other regions or countries where their brand name is not familiar to the people.

  • ¬†Invented Names

This Brand Names are mostly innovative and Creative. Innovative Names are given to mostly those products which are mostly new into the market.

Invented Names are not only recognizable but also expressive and build a brand name. It takes a great deal of time and heavy marketing to build meaning in the customer’s eyes.

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