What is Augmented Reality?Types Of Augmented Reality.

What is Augmented Reality ?

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the main developments in technology right now. It has many versions, but its main goal is to provide a rich audiovisual interface, with multiple implementations. Augmented reality is the technology which expands our physical world by adding digital information layers.

This blends real-life scenes and computer based pictures to offer you a unified yet enhanced worldview. AR can be described as a device that fulfills three fundamental features: merging real and virtual realities, interaction in real time and realistic 3D mapping of virtual and true objects.

It improves the environment or situations and offers perceptibly enriched experiences.

Augmented Reality

In addition, augmented reality is readily available and can be used in a variety of ways, including as Snapchat filters and apps that enable you to wear glasses, clothes without even leaving home.

What is the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality ?

Augmented Reality

    1. brings digital items to a live view with the camera on a smartphone.
    2. This technology is easily available on smartphones.

Virtual Reality

    1. It is a  digital environment that can be like or completely different from a real world.
    2. To explore virtual reality you need to  wear a special VR headset

What are the types of Augmented Reality?

Following are some types Of Augmented Reality.

Marker-based AR

Marker-based AR is also known as Recognition based AR. It focuses on object recognition and then gives us more information about the object.

In this the object gets identified through the way of Camera and then the particular app provides you the details about that object.

For e.g.: Google lens which are mostly used to scan the particular objects which then identifies the object and provides information about that item. 

Marker-less AR

Marker-less AR is Also known as Location based AR. This type AR is mostly used by users to discover places of interest within their current location.

This technique measures the direction and orientation of the user by reading data from the mobile phone, and by measuring the movements and positions of the user through GPS.

Projection-Based AR

Projection based AR  is attractive and interactive, in which light is blown on a surface and the interaction is done by touching the projected surface with the hand. 

Projection can be used to establish confusion about an object’s location, orientation and depth.

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